Skyconsult has developed a wide array of services based on our experience and current market demand, focusing on efficiency, high quality and outstanding customer satisfaction.

SAP implementation and support

Dedicated team of 25 SAP experts specializing in successful implementation of complex SAP solutions, SAP custom development and integrations, and high quality support for existing implementations.

Vast experience working for our main client, KMG International (Rompetrol), the 2nd largest oil and gas group in Romania operating 2 refining and petro-chemical plants, over 1000 fuel stations, 2 trading companies, with presence in 8 European markets

IT asset management

Proliferation of IT assets, complex environments, difficult to keep track of and ensure optimal utilization of resources

Software licensing aud its run by major vendors are much more frequent

Rising cost of license maintenance and overall support

software license compliance

Provide software compliance analysis ( Microsoft, Oracle, SAP )

Provide periodically monitoring of compliance ( Reports, Compliance outliers) Benefits: Software license compliance, IT asset optimization (utilization), CM control/enforcing

custom IT solutions development

No matter how big your idea seems, from a complex business software to an unconventional consumer application, we can provide the design, technology, development, a team and methodology to quickly bring it to life.

Our expert Quality Assurance team helps to ensure that we always deliver top-notch software using a continuous testing process. We also employ a wide range of industry-standard testing tools that leverage established methodologies to provide your organization with superior quality and integrity.


In partnership with IPSoft we deliver autonomic infrastructure support services that reduce the volume of manual work through automation to increase the speed of problems identification and resolution, the overall efficiency of IT Operations and the environments’ stability.

IPcenter’s Virtual Engineers change the rules of the game by automating the interaction between all of the different tools and people in your IT environment. Without being forced to replace your existing investments in IT tools you can automate end-to-end processes and pave the way for vast increases in productivity.

application support

Our experienced team of applications support engineers have taken over support of large, complex and highly integrated environments with little documentation and knowledge transfer. Through a quick learning and fast integration into our optimized support processes they we able not only to ensure flawless functionality of business solutions but also to propose and implement optimization and upgrade plans with strong business case for our clients.

Our ITIL aligned application support process ensures high availability, stability and reliability, well within the agreed service levels. The process is tightly monitored and measured and the results are clearly communicated.

Outstanding quality
of complex IT


3 datacenters



3000 users



200 applications


700 points of sale


network with 20+ sites


Fully ITIL aligned processes



Automated SLA monitoring


Monthly improvement plan &
end-of-month results analysis


Up-to-date IT Assets Inventory