Coupling local knowledge and international expertise

SkyConsult Group brings the deep local knowledge, financial acumen and relationships of SB Capital, to provide world‑class IT consulting services.

Together with our network of strategic partners, we offer a seamless combination of local talent, extremely experienced professionals with global experience, and industry‑leading vertical solution partners to address your requirements.

Our resources deliver top quality professional solutions for the leading names in the software, financial services, transportation and oil/gas industries worldwide.

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Philosophy and Values

SkyConsult believes in the value proposition of our work; once we understand your situation, we will only propose projects where we honestly feel we can add significant value to your business.

We have deep experience from many other industry‑leading clients, and we will put that to work for you. If we propose a cost‑savings project, we only consider ourselves successful if you actually save money. For projects delivering new functionality, we will exceed your expectations; delivering genuine business value.

Each project proposal is carefully structured by bringing together the right mix of local resources, international experts, and the right partners for the solution. This is unique for each client, and we take responsibility to seamlessly deliver.

We always take the perspective of treating our client’s business as our own… we aim to win our client’s trust as strategic partners, and develop long‑term relationships.

Not all IT projects go perfectly according to plan…



Please contact us, and see if we can generate ongoing operational savings for your situation.


Business Consulting



Business and IT Assessments


In a rapidly developing market, our business consulting offering is at the core of our value proposition. Most businesses don’t really know what type of IT investments they should be making to get the most effective return; this is the real reason most systems projects fail to live up to client expectations.


Our engineers and strategic partners bring deep experience, gained in practice at industry‑leading multinationals, and apply their knowledge and acumen to understand your business and IT, performing a detailed analysis of your infrastructure and application environment. This assessment results in a set of detailed project recommendations, with objectively measurable, business‑driven success criteria, to maximize the value of your IT investments.

Mission‑critical Stabilization & Improvement


Sometimes, for various reasons, mission critical systems are breaking down and causing significant business disruption. We have built a reputation for being highly effective at fixing broken systems, which is an area of IT expertise with particular challenges, as things cannot always be shut down before fixing, and there are usually serious time constraints as well.

We have often been asked to step into mission critical scenarios. We have stabilized major systems of hundreds of servers, in multiple geographies for market leading software companies, and done emergency crash redevelopments of broken applications to prevent losses in the hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients.

Ongoing IT Operations

SkyConsult has some of the best capabilities, together with its strategic partners, to effect improvement in this area. Not only can we improve operational processes, but we can also effect savings through the deployment of some of the world’s top proactive autonomic technology, which detects problems and fixes a large percentage of them automatically.

Before deciding to implement an ERP sysetm or reinvent the infrastructure, the more fundamental question needs to be answered:

“If I have a limited budget, where should I spend my money to get the maximum business results?”


Process re‑engineering is often a better answer than systems development….

Our approach is to stabilize the situation by making needed emergency fixes, then create a comprehensive plan to implement the necessary changes in a more controlled way to bring the system back into desired Service Level compliance.

When confronted with serious problems in mission critical systems, having teams with the experience and reputation of having done it before is invaluable.

Businesses spend, depending on their maturity, from a third to a half of their IT budgets on ongoing operations, rather than investing in new capability. Operational cost is recurring, so savings that can be generated here have a bigger impact than savings in new development. An important element to consider is the lost productivity cost to the business resulting from operational problems and downtime.

There is no such thing as “one size fits all” in IT Operations… any strategy needs to be built specifically for each client’s business requirements, and existing in‑house capabilities.

We have the expertise and are there to help you get the most from your IT

Applications Consulting


ERP and CRM Deployment

Large, complex systems deployments such as ERP and CRM depend largely on a thorough understanding, and in many cases re‑engineering, of the client’s business processes to ensure maximum success.

SkyConsult brings together teams of talented local resources, and some of the best international industry expertise in the world through our network of strategic partners, especially in cloud deployments. This relatively new technology provides for enormous increases in deployment flexibility and reduced implementation and operating costs.

Custom Applications Development

Our resources have worked on some of the world’s most complex custom system developments. We price these proposals by the deliverable rather than the hour, which gives us the flexibility to support our local resources with some of the best US and EU‑based programming talent.

We deliver extremely high quality applications, very quickly, developed by some of the world’s best coders, rather than outsource to the cheapest locations, where both the quality and the time to develop are of lower standard.


If you would prefer to use your own development resources, we are happy to propose hybrid solutions, where we can work together with your team, and train them on the development methodologies used by the world’s best software houses, as part of working together to jointly deliver the business requirements.

Please let us know how we can help you.

Quality Assurance

SkyConsult’s Associates have vast and deep experience with Quality Assurance. We’ve supplied these services to Microsoft and other major players in the industry for almost 20 years. These test functions include developing master and detailed test plans, automation scripting, executing component, functional, regression, integration and stress testing.

Application Cloud Development

Together with our partners, we have been working on the first generation of custom developments built on the innovative cloud technologies. The cloud, both public and private, offers a genuine order of magnitude improvement in operational cost efficiency, and business flexibility, but applications need to be designed to incorporate cloud technologies directly…. too many early adopters are porting applications designed for traditional architectures to the cloud, thereby not realizing the full potential.

The cloud brings true benefits, but comes with a number of concerns such as security and resiliency, as well as an increased dependence on external resources for its Service Levels. Our experts can help make sense of all this, and help clients begin the process of taking advantage of this new architecture.

We have developed applications, taking responsibility for the overall delivery, and as part of larger collaborative teams, for:

  • Microsoft,
  • JPMorgan,
  • TMobile,

and other clients, both large and small.

It is typically best practice to have Quality Assurance done by a team independent of the actual development. SkyConsult has done a great deal of this, taking on the independent quality assurance function for projects delivered by other groups.

Strategic Partners



IPSoft is one of the world’s leading providers of managed ICT Operations. Specializing in both cloud‑based and traditional infrastructure and applications, they provide management services and business‑driven Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for companies such as Cisco and Microsoft, as well as Ing Bank.

Their proprietary autonomic systems enable the bulk of the service incidents to be handled without human intervention, enabling Service Levels to be delivered reliably and cost‑effectively.

As IPsoft partner, we can help implement their award‑winning service, and rationalize IT Operations for our clients. Not only will this provide more reliable service levels at usually lower cost per incident, but it will position clients to migrate to newer technologies such as cloud‑based solutions in the future.